Unless you go to a high school that has uniforms, what you wear is so important and plays a huge role in how your peers perceive you. Even outside the context of high school, how you dress determines not just how you look (obviously), but more importantly how you feel. In other words, style is important, especially for young girls. Here are my thoughts on style.

Although style is obviously quite subjective, most girls will typically try to adhere to the fashion trends in the media rather than be different. And while I admit that being different is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of and can actually be quite a boon to your overall confidence levels when done correctly, the fact of the matter is that most girls want to fit in and will dress in a style that reflects society’s norms. Therefore my focus will be on fashion trends that are “in style” right now, particularly those that I think are well worth a girl’s time to implement in their own lives.

I will start off with the concept of jean shorts. There are two parts to them – the jeans and the shorts. Jeans are typically a very high-quality material that simply look beautiful and stylish. That has always been the case since denim jeans were first invented. However, the concept of incorporating jeans into shorts is fairly new by comparison. Wearing shorts is a way to look fun and flirty. They give you the ability to move around uninhibited, allowing you to do all sorts of fun activities. And let’s be honest – shorts are a great way to show off a bit of skin. So combining these two concepts together, you get a stylish, high-quality material that gives you a wide range of motion and allow you to show off some of your assets. Definitely a great combination that I loved wearing if not at high school (due to relatively strict dress codes), then out on the weekends and even into my adult years.

Another great fashion concept that I just adore is the see-through top. Basically any sort of top that is almost entirely made out of a lacey, see-through material. This again, is a subtle way to show off some skin (to varying extents) but diving deeper, it is a really great way to layer your clothing and provide a unique sense of style. For example, you can combine your lacey see-through top with another top underneath to get a combination of two different colors overlaid on top of one another.

Note that when using a see-through top, I definitely would recommend showing off some degree of midriff. It doesn’t need to be your entire stomach or anything like that, but definitely something to show off extra skin – otherwise you will look pretty strange with a regular full-sized top with another full-sized see-through top over it. Depending on your comfortability level, I would even suggest going so far as to only wear a bra underneath your top –  a strapless bra would be the most ideal to really show off your shoulders, but any regular bra would work nearly as well.

One final fashion choice I would like to bring up is footwear. With footwear I see two separate ways to go. The first is to use open-toed sandals. And if you’ve been reading the rest of what I’ve been saying up above, then you probably know why – showing a little bit of skin is never a bad thing. Even in less noticeable places like your feet, showing your skin is really stylish and something that guys will definitely appreciate. For those of you who don’t know, plenty of men actually end up loving feet more than normal (something called a foot fetish). So feet are definitely attractive and worth exposing to the world.

The other ideal footwear style is to use wear boots. And not like rain boots or anything like that, but fashionable boots like Ugg boots or something similar. These are always a hit with guys (and girls) because they are simply the cutest and best of all is the fact that you can wear boots on just about any occasion, as long as you are wearing jeans or yoga pants or some other form of long legwear underneath. If you don’t wear long legwear with your boots, it will not look good. However, follow that rule and I can guarantee that you look great in your boots (I have yet to find a single person who legitimately looks bad in boots).

Those are some of my favorite fashion trends that will assuredly help you maintain a high sense of style, regardless of whether you are still in high school or already into adulthood. And for those of you who may be reading this and don’t feel the same way about any (or potentially all) of these fashion choices, keep in mind that not all fashion choices agree with all women, and that being yourself and dressing the way that you want to is always the way to go. But if you need some direction, these fashion choices will be a surefire hit for those looking to wear what’s “in style” today!